If you are looking to increase your testosterone levels by using the best testosterone boosters, then you must know that there are several ways of getting the desired effects. When you generally ask around, people will tell you that herbal or natural testosterone boosters are much better than those boosters that are chemically created. However, even though herbal boosters are much healthier, you may not find the proper effect when you use them. The level of estrogen in one’s body stimulates the production of testosterone. The lower the level of estrogen higher is the testosterone production, and vice versa. Several testosterone boosters such as Nolvadex(R) aim at decreasing the levels of estrogen in the body.

6-OXO is one of the first products to be called the best testosterone boosters. This aimed at lowering the level of estrogen in the body to promote the growth of testosterone. The ingredient in the booster is 6-keto-androstenedione and 17-trione (known to be a suicide inhibitor). However, this product requires you to take high dosages to ensure the desired effect in your body. This makes it quite expensive. Even though it does lower the testosterone level, it does not help or induce muscle growth.

Another brand, Novedex XT uses a slightly different ingredient TestoPrime Review called ATD to help boost testosterone. This reduces the conversion of estrogen to testosterone. However, this product would give a positive result in an anabolic steroids test. It doesn’t increase muscle growth either. A creatine product is required in the best testosterone boosters to help muscle growth.

One of the famous natural boosters is Animal Stack. It contains herbal ingredients such as Longjack, Tribulus, etc. to help boost testosterone. However, people feel that most of the ingredients in Animal Stack play no role at all as testosterone boosters. Experts believe that the manufacturers add extra stuff to make it more attractive, apart from the usual testosterone boosting ingredient, Tribulus. A certain number of people feel that it is one of the best testosterone boosters.

Another famous natural booster is T-Bomb-II, which is a steroid product. It contains a wide array of ingredients that act together to boost testosterone levels. It contains 14 herbal ingredients. However, some people believe that a few ingredients used don’t really act as boosters.

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