One of the most important choices you need to consider is the size of the portable massage table. It should be wide enough to accommodate a broad range of clients yet narrow enough to ensure good body positioning on your behalf. Make sure you can get close enough to the table so you can pivot at the waist and have your shoulders squared up to the clients hips, with your hands parallel to the clients spine.

As a rule of thumb, the most popular and ergonomic choices are table widths of 70cms (28 inches) and 76 centimeters (30 inches). You can get 25″ wide massage tables, but you should only choose this width if you are shorter in height and having a wider table will jeopardise your own back over the course of your career. You can also get hour glass shaped massage tables whereby the middle section is narrower for the therapist’s benefit of getting in close and the top and bottom ends of the therapy table are normal width so the client will feel comfortable.

Adjustable height:

Nowadays, almost all portable tables come with height adjustable legs. A table should come with a wide height range to accommodate all size of therapists and cater for a broad range of therapies. A common height range of massage tables is 60-83cms and this height range should cater for almost anybody.Again do the fist clench test I describe below if you are unsure.

Weight of table:

The weight of folding massage tables generally ranges from 12-21Kg’s. The weigh Wholesale Massage Table t of the massage table should be a primary concern if you intend on making regular call outs or visits to clients in their homes or business. If this is the case, then try to aim for a table of 14kg’s or under. The lighter the better. If you are a home or clinic based therapist, anything up to 21kg’s should be fine so that you can fold it up, put it away and/or move it from room to room with ease..

You can get tables as light as 8kg’s, but in my opinion, if you can afford them at around £800, then you don’t need to earn an income from being a therapist!!

Lighter massage tables are usually made of aluminum as it is a lighter material than wood. But this also pushes up the cost of the massage table as aluminum as a raw material is much more expensive than wood.

If you find a heavier table that you like, you can overcome its weight a little by investing a massage table trolley to wheel your massage table around in. They are a fairly new product to the UK and as of yet I have yet to test one out but I have heard from friends that they come in handy on mobile visits.


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