There is so much pressure on quarterbacks to know so much, reading defenses, having good footwork, gripping the ball and knowing their own offense. So how important are the passing mechanics?

Six months ago Tim Tebow seemed a lock as a very high first round draft pick in this years pro draft.

The Senior Game played this last January appeared to change all of that. With each pass thrown, His stock fell faster than the stock market crash of 2008. It was not because he was 8 of 12 or had two fumbles in the game that cost him so dearly. It was his passing mechanics.

Seems odd through his collegiate career that his passing styleทางเข้า ufabet ภาษาไทย and release were never mentioned by the sports media and sports pundits, yet in one game he became the unwanted and worse, he was labeled by some as a system quarterback. Pundits were suggesting the Florida quarterback was at best a third round draft pick.

At issue was he slow looping throwing style that created a slow release. Yep the mighty Tim Tebow has poor football passing mechanics and now it could cost him millions.

Like the champion he is he did not roll over and accept the verdict handed down by the pro scouts. He spent most of February and March changing his throwing style, learning a new way to deliver the ball and develop a quicker release.

On March 17th at Florida’s Pro Day Tebow debuted his new passing skills in front of 75 scouts and coaches. The verdict was in, he delivered, the scouts and coaches came away from Pro Day seeing a new Tebow and raised his stock. Many now think he will be a first round draft pick possibly as high as the middle of the draft.

How important are sound passing mechanics? Ask Tim Tebow, they were important enough for him to learn a new and better way to throw the ball.

Whether you are and established starter like Tim T. or a back up trying to make the starting line up sound football passing mechanics can make a difference in your football career.

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